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2014-2018 Brozz Parts (drum brake/silver fork) F4--Front Wheel Assembly

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F4--Front Wheel Assembly
product # F4
description: DO NOT ADD TO CART - 
No 1S-- Front Wheel--base grey forks
product # 401000-0145
description: OUT OF STOCK The front 19" wheel on on the base model with the silver forks.  - 
No 1B-- Front Wheel--Inverted Fork Model
product # 401000-0145BE
description: Chrome Front 19" wheel for all Brozz with the gold inverted forks. This will not fit on the standard model.  - 
No 3: Front Tire Tube
product # 400101-0048
No 5S-- Front Disc Brake Assembly---Silver Fork
product # 441000-5056
description: All in one--Brake caliper, brake hose, and master cylinder for the silver fork Brozz - 
No 5B-- Front Disc Brake Assembly---Gold Fork
product # 441000-5056BE
description: All in One: Front Caliper, Brake Hose, and Master Cylinder. - 
No 6S Front Brake Disc--base model
product # 441000-5012
description: Front Brake Disc---will only fit the silver forks.  - 
No 6B Front Brake Disc--Gold forks
product # 441000-5012BE
description: Front Brake Disc: Will only fit the gold Forks  - 
No 7: Wheel Counter--Standard Model
product # 422000-5005
description: This part is what makes the Odometer function.  - 
No 7: Wheel Counter for Inverted Forks
product # 422000-5005BE
description: This part makes the Odometer Function and is included with the speedometer cable. - 
No 8S-- Front Axle--Standard
product # 902002-0045
description: Front axle for the Standard Model Brozz.  - 
No 8B Front Axle--Inverted Forks
product # 902002-0045BE
description: Front axle for the orange inverted Fork Brozz - 
No 9S-- Front Axle Spacer---Standard Model
product # 902005-0418
description: Will only fit the Standard model bikes. - 
Front Brake Pad Set
product # FBPSet
description: For single piston calipers - 
Front Brake Lever
product # 441000-5056.1
description: No5.1 Brake Lever Only-Same on both Models. - 
Front Brake Master & Lever
product # 441000-5056.2
description: No5.2 Front Master Cylindar w/brake lever--both models  -