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Moto Max Parts Rear Wheel Assembly

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Rear Wheel Assembly
product # MTMX13
description: DO NOT ADD TO CART - 
No.1 Rear Wheel Axle
product # 902002-G0009
No.3 Chain Adjuster Bolts
product # 523200-G0018
description: Two Per Bike (comes in a set) - 
No.12 Rear Rim Assembly
product # 405000-G0039
description: Hydo Dipped Gold 17" Rim. J17 x MT3.50 0219 DOT - 
No.23 Rear Street Tire
product # 408001-G0065
description: Rear Street Tire for the MotoMax. 140/70-17 - 
No.27 Rear Brake Rotor
product # 442000-G0006-039